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    As the traditional business of AMCs, the total size of the non-performing assets from banks managed by COAMC reached RMB 750 billion with a cash recovery of RMB 140 million. In the past decade, COAMC effectively utilized multiple techniques including debt restructuring, asset restructuring, debt-to-equity swap, recourse through litigation, asset transfer, and structured transaction. COAMC has acted as a stabilizer for the financial market by revitalizing financial assets, and reducing financial risks. In the meantime, it enhanced its advantageous position in the non-performing assets disposal and management.

    Based on its rich experience in NPL disposal, COAMC actively explores different ways to expand its NPL business within the approved sphere and under the guidance of regulatory authorities. Now its non-performing asset business covers both non-banking assets and non-financial assets. Banks are no longer the only source of non-performing assets for COAMC. In the past, COAMC mainly focused on the disposal of bulky NPL portfolios. However, now it also deals with the reorganization of individual problematic projects, crisis-hit companies and risky financial institutions. Its business includes both spot and forward non-performing asset transactions.

    Information for already disposed assets, assets that are still available, asset recommendation, investment promotion and business cooperation etc. can all be found on the following website.


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